Vapor-Lock 20/20™

Vapor Lock 20/20™ is a complex proprietary concrete admixture that stops moisture related construction issues arising from the reduced VOC requirements that forced adhesives & coatings to be water-based. These healthy low VOC materials have no tolerance for the moisture vapor emission (MVE) emanating from the concrete.

VL 20/20 uses the Free Water or Water of Convenience in concrete to disallow any MVE and allow you to work appropriately with current no VOC Technology.

This is a proven solution for Flooring, Roofing and Vapor Barrier materials!

Product Description

A concrete admixture designed to work with the free water and various components of the cement to create a non-hygroscopic concrete that allows the on time installation of today’s VOC Free moisture sensitive water based coatings and adhesives, including flooring.

Vapor Lock 20/20™ also makes the concrete impermeable to salt and other damaging compounds, amazing benefits.

Vapor Lock 20/20™ stops moisture vapor emission into the occupied space of a new building-a 50,000 sf concrete building has over 27,000 gallons of water trapped in the concrete as a byproduct of installation. We utilize this extra water in a proactive, economical, healthy fashion.

Vapor Lock 20/20™ Advantages:

  • economical: .50 to .75 per sq. foot
  • eliminates moisture: related flooring/roofing issues and project delays
  • moisture and bond testing